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Making the Complicated Awesomely Simple

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About Us

Stupidity has a certain charm to it but ignorance is just a shame.

Our History

It is easy to make simple things very complicated. But to make complicated things awesomely simple, now that’s creativity. This mantra comes from our founders late Mother-In-Law, Gladys Zentner, a.k.a Spivis. “the speedy one”. She was a tower of strength in the family and had a knack for making complicated issues very simple and explained them in ways that made good common sense. She would tell the kids, “there’s no substitute for hard work”, and ” don’t judge people you hardly know”. She was a bundle of positive energy, never judged others, was generous and opened her doors to everyone. She passed away at the young age of 92, but her name, her spirit and her philosophies live on through Spivis. Live life to its fullest and choose to be happy.

Our Mission

The sky has no limit for what we can do together. Our mission is to be amongst the best value you have ever received from a supplier. We aim to make complicated IT solutions simple for our clients and their customers to use. If you are eager to engage with your customers in a meaningful way to bring them back more often, we want to provide improved ways for that to happen. If you offer WIFi in your building, we want to manage it for you.

We help consumers enjoy your brand experience and become comfortable with using your services. We work hard behind the scenes so you look smart in front of your audience. You need to feel confident about your decision to invest in your business by working with us today and in the future. Our mission is to build a strong relationship with our clients based on trust and integrity that is good for everyone because of our sustainable fashion.

Our Beliefs

More people than ever want to be seen and heard. They want to connect with friends, whenever and where ever they are and engage with businesses that enrich their lives. Today’s business world is constantly evolving. We believe that if your business isn’t growing it is shrinking. There is no more status quo.

We loose sleep thinking about improving our  best business practices in an effort to be more refined. We believe we are accomplishing that by constantly updating our features and refining their benefits. We also believe in treating our client’s money as if it were our own. We invest our client’s money wisely by building relevant data to help them grow. If we were opening a brand new business today we’d deploy Spivis’s IT solutions immediately on day one. This is because we know first hand what a HUGE competitive advantage owned data does for small business. With labour costs constantly rising businesses have to do more with less. Automating repetitive boring tasks in a fraction of the time to do them manually saves time and shifts a lot of unnecessary stress away from your staff which results in happier employees.  Let computers do the grunt work stuff so you and your staff can spend more time in front of actual people.  That’s were the fun is.

We believe in social media, but don’t agree that every opinion truly matters and don’t think all conversations should be public. Someone’s opinion should not out-way real facts. Especially when that opinion is based on very little information in the first place. Yes, question everything but let the experts do their job.

Making the Complicated AWESOMELY Simple

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